KNS Token

$KNS is the governance token for KNS protocol.

Token Information

  • Token standard: KIP-7

  • Token name: Klaytn Name Service Token

  • Ticker: KNS

  • Max supply: 10,000,000,000 (10 Billion)

  • Contract address: 0x949fc808138081ab1fcbcbb5f311440cf2c3ff73

Token Description

$KNS is the governance token for KNS protocol.

KNS web app offers the following de-fi services:

  1. Swap between $KLAY and $KNS

  2. $KLAY-$KNS Liquidity pool provision

  3. Staking $KNS into $sKNS

$KNS holers can earn rewards by providing liquidy or staking, and KNS team uses domain sales revenue to reward $KNS holders indirectly.

Anyone holding $KNS can use it to create proposals and set polls.

The governance function will be launched in KNS V2.

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