On the Governance page, you can receive airdrops, stake your $KNS tokens, and vote on governance proposals (coming soon).

If you are a winner of the domain auction that was held prior to the launch of KNS V1, you can claim your airdrop.

You can stake your $KNS tokens to earn staking rewards and governance voting rights and by unstaking, you can claim staking rewards.

You can also check the APR of $sKNS staking, $KNS price, $KNS/$sKNS exchange rate, and the number of $KNS and $sKNS tokens you own.


Confirm your airdrop amount and click the [Claim] button to claim the airdrop.

Manage Staking

By clicking [Stake / Unstake] button you can manage your staking and unstaking .

You can stake your $KNS to earn staking rewards. You can also check staking APR, confirm the amount of $KNS tokens staked and decide to stake or unstake $KNS.

Rewards can be withdrawn after 7 days of unstaking period by clicking [Redeem KNS]. The information about unstaking can be found by clicking the [Unstaking Log] button


The governance function will be released in KNS V2.

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