Flex is a domain ad auction system where you can show-off the domains you own on the KNS website.


  1. Bids can be placed only with KNS tokens.

  2. The bidding is a public auction; The highest bidder at the end of the auction will be the winner.

  3. You must input a domain and a bid price to place your bid.

  4. You can select two items from the domain metadata to be promoted. FYI, metadata at the time of your bid will be used in the advertisement.

  5. The winning domain will be promoted in the banner from the beginning of the next round until there is a new winner. Winners can claim a Winner NFT after the end of the next round.

  6. The minimum bid is calculated based on the current highest bid.

  7. If a higher bid is placed, your bid amount will be automatically refunded immediately.

  8. Bids cannot be canceled. Please place them carefully.

  9. The KNS team reserve all rights to managing the “Flex Domain of the Week”, and have the right to refuse the posting of an advertisement if we believe it contains any inappropriate information.

  10. If an advertisement is refused from posting, its bid amount will be refunded after deducted a 10% processing fee.

Select the domain you want to bid for and enter the number of Tokens higher than the minimum bid and click [Place a Bid].

The winner of the Domain Ad Auction will have their domains listed in the [Domain] menu page, KNS Twitter, and Discord. The winner can also claim a Winner NFT.

The history of previous auctions can be looked up at [Flex]-[History] menu.

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